Fruitful Summer

It has been a fruitful summer and I want to finally share some of my harvest with you all. Similar to a farm, which is in prime-time during the hottest months, my fiancée and I have been quite busy with our doings. A highly productive season, only hindered by a few days of extreme heat … More Fruitful Summer

Lovely Litha

A lovely Litha (Midsummer Solstice) to you all! Today is a good day to spend time with your community, contemplate the meaning of the Sun, harvest herbs for use and preservation, throw a rock at a tree to light the spark of life and dance yourself silly. Share your light within with the world without! … More Lovely Litha

That Which Is Alive

That which is alive, according to those with clairvoyance, has an etheric body the color of peach blossom and green. That which is dead is seen in white, grey and black.  A color study of plant life and death.