Study of Man | Lecture 2

The Imagination of the Blood

The pre-natal life of the soul works itself into the human body through antipathy and sympathy.
Antipathy creates the head, which is a mirrored reflection of the entire cosmos.
Within the head are nerves, which carry concepts.

Sympathy travels to the lower body and limbs through the blood.
Blood is constantly rejuvinating, just as our spirit is renewed through spiritual work.

Our inner soul life is the place where the nerves and the blood interplay.
This is where memory resides.
Memory is a gift from the cosmos; an embracing hug from the universe.
This gift of memory shows itself to the human being through imaginitive pictures, or thoughts.

Through Imagination, we are capable of comprehending the entire cosmos.

Formative life blood
You are a gift
From the cosmos
Take me into your embrace
So that I may remember how to renew myself
Through your grace.


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