Study of Man | Lecture 3

In order to honor the child to their full potential, the teacher must have a background knowledge in the universal human being. The human being is quite capable, and their various capabilities show their potential. For example, the human ability to cross the bilateral plain, e.g. as left and right hands touch each other during prayer, creates a sense of awareness of the self. This awareness of self is an act of spiritual activity and can be called pure thinking. The Human Being is capabile of accessing both the World of Nature and the World of the Spirit. Additionally, the force of the Human Being has a direct impact the Earth. These forces are renewed throughout the person’s lifetime. Within the World of Spirit, one can understand the “essence of nature” itself.

“When I go out into Nature I have the play of light and color continually before me; in assimilitaing the light and its colors I am uniting myself with that part of Nature which is being carried on into the future; and when I return to my room and think over what I have seen in Nature, and spin laws about it then I am concerning myself with that element in the world which is perpetually dying. In Nature dying and becoming are continuously flowing into one another. We are able to comprehend the dying element because we bear within us the reflection of our prenatal life, the world of intellect, the world of thought, whereby we can see in our mind’s eye the elements of death at the basis of Nature. And we are able to grasp what will come of Nature in the future because we confront Nature, not only with our intellect and thought, but with that which is of a will-nature within ourselves.” -Rudolf Steiner


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