Study of Man | Lecture 4

Where Will Becomes Impulse

To develop the will is next to godliness.
For within the will we hold the power to make
the world
A place of beauty, a place of goodness,
A place of truth.
So, trust in me, as
I have spoken with your angels and our intentions are clear.
I resolve to guide your consciousness
Through the beauty of art, the development of good habits,
And the search for Truth.

“But when we look at the will nature we find the following: just as the etheric body permeates the physical body so it also takes hold of what in the physical body manifests as instinct. And then instinct becomes impulse. In the physical body will is instinct: as soon as the etheric body dominates the instinct, will becomes impulse.” -Rudolf Steiner

Development of motive/intention is an essential task of the child with aid of the teacher.

Intention beyond existence | spirit-self | feeling & will of motive = sub-conscious.

What part of teaching affects the will nature of man?

1. Determination (will) is born from conscious repetition.
2. By leading the child to do something that you think will awaken his feeling for what is right, and get him to do it repeatedly, thereby turning the action into a habit.
3. Thereby, the arts help in this aspect, as they give a “fresh joy”, or a sense of novelty, with each creation.

My Feelings on Resolve

Value of willing oneself to “do better next time” – the continual growing of character. In my personal opinion, this can  be perceived as “betterment” only through a feeling of guilt. I take major issue with “it’ll be better later” mentality. It does not give me comfort, though I understand how it can for some. I like to take a more active stance. This doesn’t mean beating myself up if things don’t work out the way I intend; that can be addressed with flexibility. I argue that part of progress has moments of leveling off, temporary recess, or even succeeding without intention. It’s like when you’re dieting to lose weight and you work really hard and you loose 2-3 lbs every week for 6 months. And you feel really good about yourself so you relax a little on your training. So you become lax on making good choices; say you have a cupcake every other day for a week. Then you weigh yourself and you lose another 2 lbs. All those bad choices and you still lost weight? It happens. So what does that mean?

There is a subset of philosophy that argues that there is no such thing as intention. That intention is a way to justify or excuse something that already happened. A response to the result. Chew on that for a while.


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