Lovely Litha

A lovely Litha (Midsummer Solstice) to you all! Today is a good day to spend time with your community, contemplate the meaning of the Sun, harvest herbs for use and preservation, throw a rock at a tree to light the spark of life and dance yourself silly. Share your light within with the world without!


Last night, my fiancee and I rang in the Solstice while dancing to drums and bass with a gaggle of strangers during ritual ceremony. We were told that the Solstice is when the Sun, for just a moment, appears to stop moving, so we must continue dancing to ensure that the Earth would continue to spin and the light would continue to travel across our sky.

We enjoyed lecture and storytelling, song and poetry. We were cleansed with sage and our feet were washed with scented water. We held a stone and thought of a conflict which we are having that we want to lay at rest. We past over the threshold of ash into the Otherworld and buried our conflict beneath the feet of Ganesh. We were given a white flower that we floated in the waters of forgiveness. We feasted on delicious muffins after our pilgrimage and drank a beautiful herbal tea (I wish I knew what was in it – it was floral and hot and just right).

The space that was held for us, by our ancestors and our hosts, was alive with creativity and imagination. It inspires me to create a similar space in my own home, as well as invite my friends and loved one into that space for similar healing.

How privileged we are to have the opportunity to participate in ritual and in such a space. A space does not have to be inside, it doesn’t have to be filled with crystals and expensive tapestries. As space is where you create it, with what you have available. What a beautiful thing to share.

Every forest branch moves differently
in the breeze, but as they sway
they connect at the roots.



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