The Wise Old Owl

A wise, old owl sat in an oak The more he saw, the less he spoke The less he spoke, the more he heard Why can’t we be like that wise, old bird?  Eurythmy Pattern : Wise, Old Owl

People Are Good

I type this while listening to The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living, written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, MD.  “We are made to seek happiness and it is clear that feelings of love, closeness and compassion bring happiness.” -Dalai Lama Exactly 24 hours before the result of the … More People Are Good

Druid Animal Oracle | Halloween Night | Earth Dragon

Tonight, I was an Star (or Angel) Guide for the young children at the Waldorf school. Dressed in all white and doning a golden wand, we sang songs and led the children down a pathway past Mother Goose nursery rhymes. Luminaries lit the path to impromptu stages where Hey Diddle Diddle, Jack Horner, Jack Be … More Druid Animal Oracle | Halloween Night | Earth Dragon

Inverse: A Study

In these first few weeks, our art assignments have been basic studies of tone using graphite, charcoal and white pencil. For example, we were tasked with creating a circular gradient, beginning in the center with the darkest dark and fading to white along the edges. Then, we were tasked with creating the inverse of that, … More Inverse: A Study