Small Seeds & Big Ideas

Our Eurythmy class has been working on a movement for a portion of the poem “The Hollow Hill” by Kathleen Raine. After weeks of practice, we were asked to create a work of art inspired by the poem. 

From The Hollow Hill
by Kathleen Raine

It is time, heart, to recall
To recollect, regather all
The grain is grown
Reap what was sown
And bring into the barn, your corn

In fields of childhood
Tall meadow grass, and flowers small
The elm, whose dusky leaves
Pattern the skies
With dreams innumberable.
In labrynthine vane and vein
And rolling tendrils green
Has found a seed so small
A single thought contains them all.

The first imagination that came to my mind was of a young girl picking flowers. What do you imagine? 

The Hollow Hill by S.S. 2017

I used Kuretake Gasai Tambi opaque water color and an extra fine Sharpie pen. 


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