Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings

I know very little about nature spirits or elemental beings. I have heard that there is a nature spirit that guards large bodies of natural magnificence, such as the Grand Canyon. However, this was not addressed in our recent lecture. There also exists “negative” nature spirits such as phantoms, spectres and demons. But again, this was only brushed upon. 

Here’s what I did learn:

  • The Earth, similar to the human being, is comprised of four bodies: physical, etheric, astral and ego.
  • The Earth’s etheric body is composed of all nature spirits.
  • These nature spirits hold a series of soul qualities or moods, sometimes refered to as elementals.
  • The astral body of Earth is comprised of the spirits of cycles of time (which is especially interesting because in humans, the etheric is refered to as the time body).
  • The ego/I of the Earth is the planetary spirit, that allows it to speak/commune to other heavenly bodies.

We went a little more in depth about the elemental beings specifically. As you may have guessed, they have soul quatilities that relate to the 4 basic elements. Gnomes are of the Earth realm; Undines are of the Water realm, Sylphs are of the Air realm, and Salamanders are of the Fire realm. It is said that the Salamanders are the most closely related to to humans. Don’t ask me how. This is where I they lost me and I will have to pursue my own esoteric research. 

The conversation on elementals inspired me to draw the image below. I’m curious, what elemental mood do you perceive in this imagination?

As a quick addition, the symbol carved into the stone face is the rune Teiwaz (TEE-wahz). Teiwaz is a warrior rune which represents both the physical and the spiritual warrior archetypes. Tyr is the god of duty, justice and will. So I felt the feeling of finishing what you’ve started in a fair and just manner. 


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