Druid Animal Oracle | Eagle

It’s been a long time since I have written a post about the Druid animal oracles. I think it is because I have been deeply involved in tarot and Druid oracles over the last couple months (so much so that I have bought 2 new tarot decks, a digital oracle deck, and a tarot book to a deck that no longer exists) and I have been studying their archetypes more than using them to develop my Intiution. 

Through these studies, I have begun researching basic prounouciation of Gaelic/Celtic alphabet, deciphering Ogham script, and research on the healing power of herbs. So we are talking one wonderful research hole after another. 

The reason I am posting today, however, is because this particular card continues to come up for me. I have a habit of getting lost in the details and this card is encouraging me to take a wider stance and broaden my understanding. It is truly great advice. When I combine this with the daily meditations from Steiner, and my own spiritual path, I see some connections and controversies (more about that in a future post). 


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