Chinese New Year | Year of the Rooster

Last night, my beau and I had the honor of attending a Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) hosted by two students from my Waldorf training program and their family. It was such an honor to be a part of their celebrations. The gathering was warm and inviting with bright red banners framing the front door. We cut red paper snowflakes and hung them on the windows. Oh, and the food was absolutely delicious; incredible vegetarian dumplings made by everyone at the party. 

When we arrived, we were greeted at the front door and asked to write an intention or wish on a piece of paper and then place it in a red envelope and hang it on a Chinese Wishing Tree. (I later learned the envelopes are called hong bao in China.Two young boys performed a shadow puppet show that portrayed the legend of the Rooster. Many many years ago, he Rooster met the Pig, who told him she had seen a Phoenix. None of the other animals believed the Pig so the Rooster set out to find a red feather, to prove that the Phoenix existed. We sang some Waldorf-y songs and were treated to a rendition of a Gillian Welch song by one of our colleagues. At the very end of the party we removed one of the intentions from the tree to take home with us. 

I thought it was really wonderful that my beau received a fortune that was written by one of the little ones. I will have to ask the host if she can interpret it for us. I definitely think it was written with a lot of heart and courage as we face the new year. 

The Year of the Rooster

Roosters are known to be charming (vain), cocky (argumentative) and punctual (perhaps they get into fights when someone is late for breakfast?). For this reason, it is important to WAKE UP first thing in the morning during the year of the Rooster. It is important to remove the sleep from your eyes and get to work right away. This is also a Fire year, so time to take action. We have no time to waste this year. So get ready, 2017, we’re coming for you!

“I wish for you, and for all, love, hope and faith. 
We are capable of more than we know.” -MF


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