Druid Animal Oracle | New Year | Winter Term

To mark the new year, I opted to lay a 3-card spread in anticipation of the beginning of Winter Term in my Waldorf teacher training. A new year and a new term. I asked what animals will/should be my guiding forces throughout the winter term in aspect with my Body, Soul and Spirit.

My Results

1 | Body | Crane
Secret knowledge, Patience, Longevity
A representation of the the esoteric, secret knowledge contained within the Druid script of Ogham, the tree language. Broadly, it means that I should use my body, my will forces, to learn to read the “Book of Nature”. Yet again, I have pulled a card that is calling me to look to nature and in quiet meditation come to a greater understanding of myself. One of my resolutions/goals for this year is to meditate regularly. Gotta get my body into “sitting” shape. 

2 | Soul | Otter
Joy, Play, Helpfulness
To play, to go with the flow and to become a child again. When I think of the Soul, I often think of the Mind and how it allows us to make decisions and create action. This card makes perfect sense to me as I continue with my Waldorf training. I am eager to put myself in the position of the learner, receptive and open to what lies ahead. The Otter also “shows us that being playful can even lead us to catch the salmon – the fish prized by the Druids as the totem of wisdom.” Bring it on!

3 | Spirit | Cat
Guardianship, Detachment, Sensuality
At first a moment of confusion, as this seems more akin to the physical body position. However the cat “unites an awareness of the spirit world with a highly developed sensuality.” Though these things seem like they could be opposites, they are “facets of one continuum of awareness and sensitivity.” Yes, of course. I think of the way the hair of cats sticks upward when they feel the approach of a predator OR a mate. An accuse ability to sense that which is around you. Taken into the context of the Spirit, it is as if the truth is just there, a tingling itch on the crown of the head or the warm breath of a lover on the neck. 


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