Dreams and Metaphors – Protection of/from the Garter Snake

A couple nights ago, I had a dream worth mentioning. 

I was assigned responsibility of a snake. A small garter snake. I was told that I must keep track of the snake and make sure that it did not harm anyone. I was at a large stadium type place with cement stairs and stacked seating. An event of some kind. The snake did not have a carrier or bag or the like. Instead, I was to carry him around by the end of the tail (not the proper way to carry a snake, btw). 

I was told that I was to keep the snake safe and to also not let him bite anyone. As I walked around the stadium, many people were interested in the snake. They asked me questions about him, asked if they could hold him or pet him. I allowed some of the people to touch him gently, showing them how to pet him along the scales so as to not hurt him. I would warn them to be careful not to touch him near his head for fear that he may bite them. 

At some point, someone who was sitting close to me at the stadium, asked if they could hold him. I am not sure if they were a person that I knew closely or just someone I bumped into and we happened to have seats near to each other. This person explained that they woudl be very careful. So, I decided to let them carry the snake while we walked to our seats. After seating down, the person still had the snake in her hands while I was chatting with another seat mate. However, a stranger sat in front of the person holding the snake and was leaning back in her chair. She had her hands folded behind her, behind the seat, right next to the the snakes face. The snake began nuzzling the stranger’s hands, appreciating her warmth. I looked over and saw that the snake looked as if it was about to attack. The person holding the snake was not paying attention. I darted my hands forward with a “look out” and as I grabbed for the snake, using too much force, I knocked the snake down and crushed its head. It died instantly. I did not know how truly fragile it was. 

I felt like a complete failure. I had entrusted someone twith the snake’s protection AND I accidentally killed it while trying to protect anohter individual. 

Responsibility, power, trust, and protection. These are the themes I see in this dream, but what of them? What kind of trip did my astral body take that night and what does it want me to take into my waking life?


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