Winter Light Faire 2016

This past weekend, I and my cohort hosted a greens booth at the Winter Light Faire. It was a school fundraiser with many items (not to mention, time) donated toward making the weekend a success. There was music, games, food carts, a cake walk, beeswax candle-dipping and more. It was really quite something. I spent most of my afternoon working the greens booth, interacting with children and adults. I also spent quite a bit of time preparing for the event. About half of my cohort worked on Monday afternoon to procure the actual greens, retrieving them from the property of my colleauge’s mother. We had quite a variety: cedar, fir, holly, dried grasses and even ferns (which was a nice touch). We also bought or found a variety of accoutrement to use as decoration: glass ball ornaments, pine cones, wooden beads, bells, of course, many many handmade bows (below). 

Working with 3-dimensional floral arrangements (i.e. Christmas swag) is one of my favorite things. The image above shows how intent and focused I become when working in this manner (I may have also been explaining something-I tend to do that as well, always teaching). I feel as if the 2 hours I worked with the kids quickly flew by, because of my tunnel-vision.

 I also volunteered to make “How To” images for our booth. After working with young children, and especially children with learning disabilities (such as Autism), I understand the value of having information presented visually. It helps children to understand the steps of creating something. It’s also a fun creative outlet for myself. 

If you are interested in a downloadable PDF of the colorless version of these images for your own winter fair or similar project, leave a comment or PM me.


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