Advent : Week 1 : The Light of Stones

The first Light of Advent 
It is the Light of stones:
The Light that shines in seashells 
In crystals and our bones. 

My altar for the first week of Advent

I have never celebrated Advent. We didn’t light candles or go to mass, nor did not get a paper box full of tiny candies for each day of December. However, it is a tradition that is sometimes observed in Waldorf so I figured I’d look more into it. 

Turns out, it’s awesomely pagan (at least the Anthroposophical version is) in that each week we honor the building blocks of the world. The literal Latin translation of the word “advent” means “coming”, as in the coming of Jesus into the nativity. In some Western Christian religions, they celebrate with fasting, but in my research online, it apparels that all religions that celebrate Advent do so with light. In the northern hemisphere, it is the darkest time of the year, so that stands to reason. 

Typically, Advent begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas (which happens to land on a Sunday this year). Each Sunday, we pay homage to the literal and metaphorical light within god’s creations. Week 1 marks the light of the stones. Week 2 the light of the plants. Week 3 the light of the beasts. And week 4 the light of humankind. 

Another Advent poem found online.

In the first candle of Advent shines
The light of crystals in the mines, 
The rocks, the jewels and the stones, 
The shells fo the sea and our bones.
Now the stones are on the earth, 
Waiting for the Christ Child’s birth.

In the second candle of Advent shine
The plants and the berries on the vine, 
The green grass and the lovely tree, 
And all the flowers that we see. 
Now the plants are on the earth,
Waiting for the Christ Child’s birth. 

In the third candle of Advent shine
The wondrous beasts of every kind, 
Beasts who tread upon the earth
And give their stable for the birth.
Now the beasts are on the earth,
Waiting for the Christ child’s birth. 

In the fourth candle of Advent shine
Our open hearts, both yours and mine. 
We can now fill our hearts with love 
And shining light from heaven above,
Now we are on the earth,
Waiting for the Christ Child’s birth. 


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