Druid Oracle : Week 10 : Salmon & Bear

This week, while shuffling my Druid Oracle deck, I contemplated how the US can move forward when there are have been so many steps backward. And how I, as an individual, can keep that progressive momentum while still honoring where I come from. These two cards jumped right out of the deck and I feel they answered my questions. 

Salmon | Bradan

(pronounced Bratan)
Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvination

A return back to our beginning, to the Oldest Animal, to the birthplace. Like a salmon, through great effort and strife, will return to my birthplace in order to cultivate new ideas. Through that effort, I can find great wisdom. 

Bear | Art
(pronounced Arsht)
Primal power, Sovereignty, Intuition married with Instinct

Intuition, like the Pole Star, will never fail you. Using it’s primal power mixed with its star power, we can find our inner spiritual warrior. A guide toward truth and light. 


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