A New Moon Tarot Spread

I found the spread below by sometimemagical. It was developed in order to tap into the power of the new moon this weekend. So I pulled out my deck (Spirit Speak by Mary Elizabeth Evans) to see what this underappreciated stage of the lunar cycle has in store for me …

Source by sometimesmagical: A New Moon Tarot Spread


A new love for Waldor education is gestetating and hidden within that love is the power of the Sun energy, the truly cosmic light impulse. With the sun comes light and growth. So, to continue on my path, I must reliquensh my greed. Greed over that which I hold of high value… I imagine it is my privacy. After the presentation of my biography a couple days ago, where I found myself increbily vulnerable in front of my cohort, crying as I told them of the path that has brought me to them, I discovered the potential for great healing. So, I should rinse myself clean of those insecurities and begin the  moveing forward on this path using the power of infinite fire. 


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