Druid Animal Oracle | Week 07 | Bee

Week 07

(Beach, pronounced: Be-ach)
Community, Celebration, Organization

Week 07 | Bee

An invitation to celebrate by being at one with the natural world and centering ourselves around the Spirit or Goddess. Though this particular card doesn’t initially appear to correlate with my schooling (see next paragraph), I am planning on speaking with my best friend tonight, who is helping me plan my wedding. I want to get her opinion on some venues and whether we should host two different ceremonies/parties. (I am leaning toward: the more parties the better!)

It is possible, too, that this card is actually about my place within my cohort. This week, we begin telling our biographies. It is something that many of my classmates are anxious about. I, however, have had many opportunities over the years to develop and adapt my biography, so I do not feel anxious. Excited, yes. It is true that I do not yet know my place within our tiny cohort or within the larger community we will all enter into in a couple years. I hope my place is one of open-mindedness and genuine encouragement (when we observe each others artwork, I wonder if my genuine compliments are received earnestly). Everyone has such a wonderful perspective and we all come from different backgrounds. It will be interesting to hear their stories and learn more. 


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