Druid Oracle | Week 06 | Bull

A combination of things in this particular post…

I truly enjoy our visual arts teacher. She is opening me up to new ways of conceiving and producing art. Though I have taken quite a few art classes in my time, I have never truly experienced some of the basics, such as graphite, charcoal, shading vs. line. Much of the art I’ve created has been ceramics, photography, and folk craft. 

So this class has been a grand new world full of rendering in the simplest of media. 

Our task, was to create an animal (from a picture) in no more than 10 minutes using a funky Waldorf crayon. Begin with the general shape, shading using the broad edge of the crayon. Then, quickly move to creating shaded lines that will given an identity to the shape. Using key aspects of what makes the animal an animal, the ears of a fox, the trunk of an elephant, the mane of a horse. We did this three times, and then on the 4th go, we were given a colored pencil to dark the darkest darks. 

I practiced while I was on the train ride home. I opted to draw the Druid Oracle card I had drawn for this week. The result is below. 

Week 06 | Bull

Week 06
Bull : Tarv (pronounced Tarb)
Wealth, Potency, Beneficence


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