Druid Oracle | Week 05 | Wolf

Just before beginning my path to becoming a Waldorf teacher, I found the Druid Animal Oracle Deck. This deck, which was created by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomez and illustrated by Bill Worthington, spoke to me instantly. The imagery is inspired by sacred geometry and the animal spirits come from the Druid tradition of respecting the earthly elements. 

I have decided to pull an animal oracle each week then place the card next to my learning and knowledge shrine. For Week 05, I pulled Wolf. (Wolf also accompanied me during Week 04.) I want to share these oracles with you, sometimes commenting on the power and influence they’ve had during my school week. 

Week 05 : Wolf

Week 05
Wolf : Faol (pronounced foil)
Intuition, Learning, The Shadow

“It is important to take risks in order to learn and grow.” This is a very fitting oracle for the first few weeks of my studies, especially because the cohort and are teachers are all just beginning to get to know each other. I tend to be quite cautious when I first meet people, especially when I will be working so closely with them over the coming months (and years). It takes time to open boundaries and cross barriers. 

This card also encourages finding an understanding of my aloneness in the world. Learning more about the “hidden side of my being,” the Shadow. A fitting sentiment, as I sit on the train, typing quietly on my iPad, rarely seeing (or hearing) my fellow passengers. Quite alone, indeed. However, the “Wolf is faithful animal which often mates for life.” Meet me where our boundaries touch and we will begin our lesson for life.


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