Soul Forces and a Christmas Cactus

For the first two weeks, our Seminar class has been focusing on a plant, a Christmas cactus in a handmade, red clay pot. We began with characterizations of its PHSYICAL body: it is shades of green, it sits in a pot, it has many limbs. We continued by characterizing the ETHERIC body: it grows, it drops its dead leaves. 

Every evening before bed, we brought the cactus into our thoughts. 

Today, in class, we meditated on the cactus. Surrounding it in a circle, we were asked to bring all of our previous characterizations and ideas about the plant to the forefront of our minds. We set a deep focus on the plant with the idea that once we felt that we had a complete picture of its essence, we were to let that go. Focusing all the forces of our Soul onto this living being and then releasing it. This process was supposed to allow the cactus speak to us through a visualization. 

I have never done something like this before, but I have to admit, I saw quite a sight. 

soul forces and a christmas cactus

A static image doesn’t do it justice, as everything I saw was constantly morphing and adapting. Waves of warmth, in greens and pinks, traveled upward in a never-ending cycle, while tear drops (or were they golden rain drops? Or cactus petals?) fell down in beautiful golden arches, plopping gently into a bed of water that seemed to continuously fill without ever being full.

If this is what opening the Soul Forces feels like, I’ll take some more please. 


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